Sunday, January 26, 2014

My New Life

Well. I feel almost awkward writing a blog.

After this was such a big deal in my life (all the arguments, obsessions, fights, yada yada yada), it feels weird. I'd say I've stopped telling everybody everything in my life, but that's a lie. Maybe I don't feel the need to share it with strangers? Maybe I've changed. Maybe I just don't know.

Or maybe my life has changed a lot, and I don't know how to approach it? 

My mom knows, so I guess it's time to let the internet know. I've "known" a lot of people on the internets for 5-7 years. My goodness, that's a long time. We're here to share our life stories, and share we have. I'm friends on fb with some of you, and I've treasured those 

Okay. I've lamented my singleness for so long, and this was a huge deal to me. It's usually a huge deal to most people.

I've had sex. THERE. I'm no longer the virginal boob nazi I used to be. I won't go into the who/what/when/where/why, but it was a decision I made since I've left the church permanently. The temple wedding won't be happening. I won't be a blushing, virginal bride.

I also drink alcohol occasionally. That's not as exciting, but eh, whatever. It's something I've done.

My life has changed. Who I am has changed. 

And I like who I am now. I like what I've done and gone through.

There's no going back.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Months and Months and Months

I've received a couple of emails wondering where I've been.


TDH from the last post and I finally ended after a weird/tumultuous three months of ish. First dating. Then no longer speaking. Then randomly texting. Then hanging out late at night (if you catch my drift). Then friends.

Then I told him I was annoyed that he backed out of an activity he promised he'd do after I double checked that he still wanted to do it. (His motivation wasn't there because he had a rash on his new tattoo and his neck problems were bothering him.) So he sent me this text: 

"haha okay. I can't help my physical problems and don't need a guilt trip from someone I barely know. Sorry I annoyed you. Don't text me again."

The past three weeks have been pretty sad for me. But at least we know he's basically a child who can't handle adult relationships.

Anyway. I also was dating other men, but it's been nothing.

Oh and I've had a cold since June and think I may have throat cancer.

Anything else? Eh.

Oh I've been seeingish a guy I dubbed "Mickey Mouse" because he wore a Mickey Mouse shirt the first time he came over to my house. The third time we saw each other, he told me he had a new job at DISNEY.

I DIED. I EFFING DIED. Then he told me he was going to Florida for training for his new job. DIED. I DIED AGAIN.

Anyway. Anyway. TDH destroyed me a little bit. A lot. Let's be honest.

I also deleted my reddit account due to harassment from someone. Then I joined it again. Then I deleted it because I needed to get out of my house. I've made a lot of friends up in Seattle, and it's been pretty freaking great. I'm loving it up here, even though I live in the hood.

My life would be pretty amazing if I got over TDH. Someone get on that, please. Such a child. 

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Oh Hello

I have seen tall, dark, and handsome twice.

Let's face it. I'm completely twitterpated.

I left a different date early last night so I could "go home and sleep," and I went to TDH's house instead to talk about my vacation and life.

My date was in his neighborhood, which freaked me out. Plus, TDH lives on the main street that the other date was walking home on. I LIVE LIFE ON THE MOTHEREFFING EDGE.

Sigh. Ridiculously twitterpated.
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