Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I Turned Thirty

My thirtieth birthday was a week ago yesterday. And now I'm old. I didn't do anything too crazy. I've just considered everything I've done this year as a present to myself. 
1) Germany
2) Bought my first house
3) New paint
4) New bedroom and downstairs and living room furniture
5) Beautiful chandeliers
6) New Zealand
7) Giving up dating (wait, that's not for my birthday. That's for my happiness.)
8) Travelled down for my friend's bachelorette party and wedding

Hmm, now let's think of next year:
1) Iceland
2) Vegas with friends
3) South Africa
4) Painted cabinets
5) Built-in bookshelves
6) SLC
7) Sacramento (twice so far)
8) San Diego sometime?
9) LA too

Can't wait to get out there and experience being thirty instead of lamenting it!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

House Before and Middle Pictures

Okay, here is my bottom floor before and middle:

And here is my middle floor before and middle:

Monday, November 02, 2015

You Should Marry (Enter Name Here)!!

I put this on facebook already, but I decided to blog it too because I like repetitive things. And C is effing hilarious.

So my sister's son (who I would take if they died, thank you) has never seen me with a significant other. He's never even seen me with a male friend. Other than one man: my airbnb rental friend from South Africa. Long story, but he ended up going to my sister's house and meeting her and baby C. (He's five, but he'll always be my baby.) They both imitated his accent because we're all assholes. "ahntie ahntie ahntie. Who says ahntie?!" (No, I haven't been saying yisssssssss since August....)

Anyway. C was spending the night at my house a month later. We like to go out to breakfast because this one place in my neighborhood has the best breakfast. Mmmmmmm now I want it. We were walking on my street.

               C: "Auntie BN, you should have a baby so I could have more cousins."
               Me: "C, I can't have a baby. I'm not married! You have to be married to have a baby."

I could see his mind working. He's a very logical kid.

               C: "You should marry Nick!"

Because the only man he's even seen me near that I'm not related to is someone he met for five minutes a month prior. (He did give him the most adorable hug on the leg, and my heart exploded. C is legit the best kid ever.) I laughed then I cried from loneliness. But hey, he has a good memory. He also thought South Africa is near Texas, but I blame my sister for that bit of incorrect information.

Anyway, I'm hoping, even though I'm on a dating break, that I'll magically meet someone somehow. I hope I didn't break C's little heart when I laughed really really hard after he suggested my rental friend. It was just the cutest little thing ever and also the saddest for me and my life.

I'll take some blind dates if anybody knows a professional man who's not a tech bro who lives in Seattle, thanks. I prefer the medical profession, but I would also accept lawyers, men in tech, businessmen, and professors. They just have to like large Marilyn Monroe type blondes with huge boobs who like to be in charge and need to be told "no" so they don't run over everybody. Oh? Those men don't exist? Yeah, I figured that.
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