Saturday, July 05, 2014

From the Bathroom

I usually get on my phone while my dates are or I am in the bathroom. 

From now on, I'll be trying to blog while this happens. I'm currently on a semi dating hiatus because everyone is awful, but we'll see how this goes. 

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I'm Five Years Old

I made a new friend a couple weeks ago at my most scandalous friend's birthday party. His coworker Kaley was there. We became instant BFFs. It was great. Honestly. The second time we hung out was when she moved. I volunteered to bring her something to eat after work that night so she didn't have to worry about it. But then I ended up not working, so I helped her move. (Only me and her ex-boyfriend showed up, so I was really glad I went. There's nothing worse than feeling alone during life stuff.) EVEN THOUGH I HATE HELPING PEOPLE MOVE. Anyway. 

Today, she fb messaged me about possibly going to a pool. I was like, I NEED A POOL RIGHT NOW. (I got off work around noon.) It was going to be 90ish in Seattle, and in a place with no central a/c, that's awful. She told me she'd let me know if she and her friend end up going to a pool like they planned. I told her I was buying a kiddie pool and sitting in it in my yard if nothing else. Our night was planned.

Then, a friend of a friend wrote on my friend's wall about HER POOL AT HER APARTMENT BUILDING. I've met her once, so of course I felt comfortable inviting myself over. I was out there for two hours, and we got to know each other. It was nice.

After real pool time was kiddie pool time. Kaley and I both bought kiddie pools, and a bunch of her friends came over. Everyone was drinking beer (gross, I had cider), and we finally made some dinner. Kaley threw together some kebabs, we grilled some corn, and I cut up strawberries.

It was the perfect summer day. I wasn't hot at all. And I even have photographic evidence.
This is me in my happy little kiddie pool.
Our dinner was very colorful. And so good. SO SO SO SO good.

I am happy.

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