Thursday, March 01, 2012

I'm Freaking the F**K Out

I dropped my phone into a bowl of water while doing the rest of my dishes tonight. 

It's now in a bag of rice and silica thingies.


Seriously. There are things in that phone that aren't anywhere else. Doctor's appointments. Music. LIIIFEEEEE.

It was only in the water for about .5 seconds, so I hope it'll be okay. It still worked for an hour after it went in there. 

It'll be fine, right?!?!

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middle child said...

Well that explains it. I've been calling and calling you!!!

Kristina P. said...

I empathize! My phone crashed last night, and I was freaking out. I found my old phone and am using that. Hope the rice works!

Gluten-Free Girl said...

ahh!! that is just the worst feeling. i hpe its fine. not sure if this fits into the "unsolicited advice" catergory, but i lever my phone in rice for two weeks, AND THEN IT WAS MAGICALLY BETTER. i think the trick is to take out the battery, so they can both dry. i imagine yours would take lesst ime though, considering it was only .5 seconds. i lost mine in a creek, and had to fish it out. that was like 30 seconds.

Good Luuuck!!!

Audreya said...

I had to have my phone replaced over the weekend. I have insurance on it through Best Buy (never again!) and it turned into an ordeal of me being phoneless from Saturday until late Wednesday. I literally could not function. But, on the bright side, my husband has dropped his in water and done the rice thing with good results. More than once. :-)

Amander said...

Oh, good luck! I hope that it was fixed. I live in fear of losing/breaking my phone - I am definitely too reliant on it.

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