Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stuck in Boston

I'm stuck in Boston with the Frankenstorm approaching. Apparently its path is now a little west of Boston. Let us hope I don't die in my first ever hurricane. There were no flights out today we could switch to. Lovely.


Kim said...

Good Luck on getting home!! My husband is a truck driver and they have sent him with a load to New Jersey today. I'm skeered! It's crazy!

middle child said...

Well since you don't want to die in your first hurricane ever,...did you have a particular one you DID want to die in? Like #8.
Seriously, please be safe.

MamaBear said...

One of the risks of travel, I'm afraid. Lucky people who get to travel don't get to complain as much as those who live there. (I know I sound bitchy this morning. Sorry. It's just that I can't remember the last trip I took for fun.) I still feel for you! Stay safe!

Kristine said...

My parents are in DC! Hopefully it's just a lot a rain and little else.

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