Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Months and Months and Months

I've received a couple of emails wondering where I've been.


TDH from the last post and I finally ended after a weird/tumultuous three months of ish. First dating. Then no longer speaking. Then randomly texting. Then hanging out late at night (if you catch my drift). Then friends.

Then I told him I was annoyed that he backed out of an activity he promised he'd do after I double checked that he still wanted to do it. (His motivation wasn't there because he had a rash on his new tattoo and his neck problems were bothering him.) So he sent me this text: 

"haha okay. I can't help my physical problems and don't need a guilt trip from someone I barely know. Sorry I annoyed you. Don't text me again."

The past three weeks have been pretty sad for me. But at least we know he's basically a child who can't handle adult relationships.

Anyway. I also was dating other men, but it's been nothing.

Oh and I've had a cold since June and think I may have throat cancer.

Anything else? Eh.

Oh I've been seeingish a guy I dubbed "Mickey Mouse" because he wore a Mickey Mouse shirt the first time he came over to my house. The third time we saw each other, he told me he had a new job at DISNEY.

I DIED. I EFFING DIED. Then he told me he was going to Florida for training for his new job. DIED. I DIED AGAIN.

Anyway. Anyway. TDH destroyed me a little bit. A lot. Let's be honest.

I also deleted my reddit account due to harassment from someone. Then I joined it again. Then I deleted it because I needed to get out of my house. I've made a lot of friends up in Seattle, and it's been pretty freaking great. I'm loving it up here, even though I live in the hood.

My life would be pretty amazing if I got over TDH. Someone get on that, please. Such a child. 

3 comment(s):

Jamie said...

Oh and I've had a cold since June and think I may have throat cancer - is this for real? I sure hope you don't!!! Your post made me sad.... I am glad to hear you're liking where you live though!!

Amander N said...

Um, wow. That guy sucks. I like your updates, though. Please blog more.

Sue said...

I'm catching your drift and worried about you.

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