Sunday, January 26, 2014

My New Life

Well. I feel almost awkward writing a blog.

After this was such a big deal in my life (all the arguments, obsessions, fights, yada yada yada), it feels weird. I'd say I've stopped telling everybody everything in my life, but that's a lie. Maybe I don't feel the need to share it with strangers? Maybe I've changed. Maybe I just don't know.

Or maybe my life has changed a lot, and I don't know how to approach it? 

My mom knows, so I guess it's time to let the internet know. I've "known" a lot of people on the internets for 5-7 years. My goodness, that's a long time. We're here to share our life stories, and share we have. I'm friends on fb with some of you, and I've treasured those 

Okay. I've lamented my singleness for so long, and this was a huge deal to me. It's usually a huge deal to most people.

I've had sex. THERE. I'm no longer the virginal boob nazi I used to be. I won't go into the who/what/when/where/why, but it was a decision I made since I've left the church permanently. The temple wedding won't be happening. I won't be a blushing, virginal bride.

I also drink alcohol occasionally. That's not as exciting, but eh, whatever. It's something I've done.

My life has changed. Who I am has changed. 

And I like who I am now. I like what I've done and gone through.

There's no going back.


dcr said...

so happy to see you're back and happy!

Vera said...

I am glad to hear that you are happy :-) I am too!

Q said...

As another woman who left the church while single in her 20s...well, what can I say. If we were friends, I'd want details. *wink*

Sue said...

I'm glad you're happy. Never say never.

Brenn said...

Boob Nazi, I love you. But I do you that getting laid doesn't totally change who you are, because who you are is rad, virginity be damned.

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