How are you so funny?
It's just me. I'm this funny in real life, if not more funny. I was just blessed with a great sense of humor.... You might not like it, but I do, and that's what matters.

Why "The Boob Nazi"?
Go here.

Can we meet in real life?
Yes! I love meeting people in real life. Shoot me an email at theboobnazi@gmail.com.

Why do you hate brown and black together so much?
They are base colors of an outfit! Like I pick outfits based on one base color, and it's either black or brown... Definitely not both together.

How big are your boobs?
Yeah, I won't be discussing that. I DO have a line somewhere.

What's your favorite book/movie/TV show?
Book series: Harry Potter. Movie: Jurassic Park. TV show: Dexter.

How can I write with a good sense of humor?
Do NOT try too hard. People who try too hard will not have readers because it's painfully obvious how hard they're trying. Just be yourself. If you're not a naturally funny person, why would you want to write a funny blog? It won't translate well. Stick to other things. Or make a blog with funny pictures or something.

How can I get more readers?
Exposure. Comment on more blogs. Read more blogs. Advertise your blog on your facebook. Tell your friends and family about it. Write an enjoyable blog so people will tell the members of their family to read it. Have an outrageous nickname so people will click over more often! Have something absolutely terrible happen in your life. (I wouldn't recommend that one....) Be likable. Use correct punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc. (That one's debatable.)

What's your real name?
You see, I have to be anonymous due to working in the medical field and getting in serious trouble with my grad program over my blog. However, many comments do include my real first name. And I'm a fan of my blog on facebook. You can find me very easily. I just don't want my real name to be shouted from the rooftops.

What are your degrees in and where did you get them from?
I got my bachelor's in English language (linguistics of English) from Brigham Young University. I got my master's in speech language pathology from the University of Utah.

How can I build self confidence?
Well, I'm not an expert on it, believe me. There are days when I look at myself and groan about how ugly I think I look. However, most of the time, I look at myself in the mirror every time I pass one, smile, and think, "You are pretty." The more you say it to yourself, the more likely you are to think it. That's just what I do. I focus on the pretty pictures of me. I concentrate on the positive aspects of myself. And now I think I'm beautiful.

Can I use a story from your blog in a book I'm writing?
OF COURSE! (Just dedicate the entire book to me. Or name a character after me. Or name your first child after me.) --Seriously, this question happens a lot! I'm not making that up.
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